Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! Here you will find all sorts of recipes including my favourite snacks that are gluten free and vegan approved!

In June 2016, a friend of mine had told me that the symptoms she was having could be related to a gluten intolerance. I too had been having the same problems she was describing to me so we both made a pack that summer to avoid any gluten products and see how we felt.

The results were amazing! The cramps, and gassiness were gone! Since then I have found that a little is okay but just do not over due it! However I try to just avoid it in general in my day to day meals.

As for my inspiration with making vegan approved meals came from my brother in law who is vegan. I loved the challenge it gave me to try to come up with something that didn’t involve any animal products. In October of 2016 me and my husband both made the transition into eating more plant based foods. He still loves his Greek yogurt and cheese but besides that we are a vegan house hold!

I hope you give these recipes and anything I post on here a chance and I will give you my honest review if I personally didn’t like the recipe and why and if there is a way I could tweak it next time.


Ashley Clarkson-Bergeron